Saturday, April 2, 2016

Let the Adventures Begin….

Hi There!
I'm Nicole and this is Dan-
Together, we are The Gilbert's. 
And we would like to welcome you to
The Gilbert Adventures!

Lets all gather 'round for the story
 of how two became one:
We met in college-
girl meets boy,
girl asks for boys number,
boy asks girl out on a date,
boy asks girl to get married,
and here we are, celebrating our
4th wedding anniversary this June.
My how time flies!

So why are we blogging,
you may ask yourself?
Well, there's a long story about that too,
but we'll keep it short and sweet, like us:
Last summer, we adventured to a local casino,
where we were losing most of our money.
At dinner, we came up with a brilliant plan 
and decided it was time to pay off our debts: 
We both went to college which amount to many student loans,
have one small credit card,
and one car payment.
Our plan would, and did, start January 2, 2016
with payoff goals and detailed logs in place.
And off we went…

Follow us on our financial adventures 
to stick it to the man
and finally say Adios to debt once and for all!

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